NFL Line Projections – Championship Games (Updated)

Here is an update to the latest NFL Championship games for 2021. This post will be updated throughout the week as more information comes out and lines change.

**Updated 7:30pm CST, Sat 23 Jan.

Line Projections

Although the Overs are a showing to have a high probability based on the two opponents season for both games, typically the playoffs produces a lot of Unders. Weather in January will also likely effect the totals this time of year.

Early Sharp action (small) is on KC and pounding the over in that game. Sharp Action is hard to tell this time of the NFL season since large amounts of money comes in on both sides as public interest in the games rises.

*Mahomes, Edwards-Helaire, and Watkins are all supposed to play for the Chiefs.

Betting Value

If you don’t understand what you are looking at, please read my post about betting tips. The percentages represent value for that particular number. (To quantify, >30% is great value, 20-30% is really good, 10-20% is decent, <10 is ok value, blanks are negative value).

Some good value on Buffalo to cover, the line will likely move once Mahomes status is official for the game.

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